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As Affinity Director of Practice Management, Jennifer specializes in consulting and training legal professionals on practice management software and technology that addresses document assembly and document management needs. Jennifer meshes her knowledge of different technologies with her own experience practicing as a lawyer, and her unique ability to analyze law office workflow to help firms develop policies and procedures that maximize both productivity and profitability.

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Outsourced Bookkeeping - Is Your Firm a Candidate?

As we have the pleasure to work with solo and small law firms across the country, we often find the role of bookkeeper ...

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Micromanage the Client Experience

Micromanage?!?!  What a horrible word. The connotation is negative. When we think about being micromanaged, we are ...

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Simplify Bookkeeping with YourBooks

As solo and small firm law office owners, often the tasks that are most critical to continued business operation find ...

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Leading Your Firm in Challenging Times

Sometimes, the challenge is – figuring out what the challenge is. 

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Do You AU?

Affinity University (AU), is the single most affordable on demand training resource you can invest in for your team of ...

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Feature Article for November 2017 - Your Office, Don't Leave Home Without It

Whether you need flexibility to travel for work or fun, have to figure out a way to get some work done from your kid’s ...

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Feature Article for July 2017 - Sanity Software

For most law firms and legal departments, Outlook plays a vital role in their day to day operations. Whether users rely ...

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The Training Conundrum

Most legal professionals we have the pleasure of dealing with agree that training is one of the most important ...

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