Attract the Right Clients, Nurture Them, and Turn Them into Raving Fans


The key to successfully growing your law firm is understanding who is your ideal client, how to attract and retain more of them, and turn them into your firm's raving fans.

President Chad Kerby of Grove Creek Group joins Affinity Consulting Group in presenting three dynamic webinar sessions starting October 29 and continuing on November 13 and December 3. Chad is a renowned public speaker who consults law firms and business leaders to grow their business through marketing and communications. He has given thousands of presentations and has a proven methodology that delivers results. Chad has shared the stage with people such as Dave Ramsey, George W. Bush, Lou Holtz, Ryan Deiss and many others. We are thrilled to have him share his time with us to explore marketing through attracting clients, nurturing prospects and delivering excellence.

The three sessions are:

  • Attracting the Right Clients (October 29) - The key to successfully growing your law firm is understanding who is your ideal client and how to attract more of them. In this webinar we will show you the 5 proven steps to creating an ideal client profile and the strategy to find and attract more ideal clients.
  • Nurturing Your Prospects (November 13) - Prospects become Clients when they trust you and know that you can solve their problem. The key to building trust is nurturing your prospects. In this webinar we will reveal the 3 Keys to nurturing your prospects turning them into Clients.
  • Closing more Clients and Turning Them into Raving Fans! (December 3) - The key to growing your firm is increasing client conversion, retention and referrals. In this webinar you will learn how to close more prospects and make them raving fans. This proven method will show you the 3 steps to increasing conversion and client retention resulting in more referrals.

Join us on October 29 @ 1PM for the first of this three part series, then return on November 13 @ 2:30PM and December 3 @ 1PM (all EST) for sessions two and three. Each session is 30-minutes.

Register separately for each session:

If you have questions about how your law firm can better market and communicate with current and prospective clients, call us at 877-676-5492 or request a consultation. We are happy to help.


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