PODCAST: Jeff Krause and Moneyball for Lawyers

Baseball and the Law have many things in common. Intrigued? Find out how by listening to the Lean Law Firm podcast with Affinity Partner Jeff Krause's five tips for leading any business to profitability and the top three things your firm needs to be measuring.

 Jeff Krause and Moneyball for Lawyers Podcast

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Need some help implementing Moneyball and making data-driven decisions? Learn more by downloading the Moneyball for Lawyers ebook or request a consultation.

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Jeff Krause

Written by Jeff Krause

Jeff is a Partner with Affinity. Jeff’s expertise ranges from case management, document management to billing and accounting. His career in legal technology has focused on not just helping other attorneys choose the right technology and use it the right way; but also, understanding how to apply it to their daily jobs in the context of their current work process and master business concepts that they can apply to their practice and achieve greater success. Jeff is a frequent author and speaker on a variety of legal technology subjects.

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