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So many of us struggle with juggling emails while working efficiently and properly filing emails in NetDocuments! The fix is here! 

ndMail is an optional add-on module that enhances the email filing experience from Microsoft Outlook by drastically reducing the time and effort required to save email messages into the NetDocuments DMS.

Core to the application is the predictive email filing component which uses complex algorithms to determine which matter each email message in your inbox should be filed against based on the sender, recipient, subject and content from the actual message.

As a user highlights an email message in Outlook, the integrated ndMail panel will display suggested matters that it has determined may be appropriate for that email. They are listed in order based on the its “confidence” of fit. The user can then make the decision to accept, override or ignore the suggested destinations.ND 2018 AUG TK1

Most importantly, ndMail “learns” each time a user in your firm files an email with ndMail, which significantly increases the accuracy of suggested destinations over time across the entire firm.

ndMail also provides an email de-duplication service during the email saving process, as it reviews each message and instantly notifies the user if that email has already been saved into the system previously by anybody else at your firm.ND 2018 AUG TK2-1

Another key feature of ndMail is the feature known as “linked folders” which allows a user to easily link any Mailbox Folder in Outlook with a workspace in NetDocuments, automatically saving any messages within that folder directly into NetDocuments. Going forward, users can simply drag and drop Outlook messages into the linked folder to file emails into NetDocuments while still preserving the contents and structure of their mailbox folders.

At only $20 per month, the ndMail module is a “must have” for any firm using Microsoft Outlook with NetDocuments. Please reach out to for a full demonstration or a consultation on deploying the ndMail module.

Ted Kriss

Written by Ted Kriss

A member of our default services team, Ted is someone who is truly a jack of all trades. A former paralegal and law firm system administrator, Ted’s areas of specialty include customized macro conversion solutions, accounting setup, report creation, document assembly, data migration, mailroom automation and paperless solutions. Ted’s “out of the box” thinking enables him to recommend innovative solutions that streamline processes and improve workflow. Known as “the creative thinker,” Ted’s amiable disposition makes him someone clients are comfortable working with again and again. Helping the people he works with have their “a-ha moment” is Ted’s favorite part of the job.

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