Law Firm Technology Tip: How to Set Up a Default Author When Saving in NetDocuments

Setting Up a Defualt Author When Saving in NetDocuments

One of the most frequent requests that we receive (almost daily) is for help to set a default author when saving, so one does not have to fill out that field every single time an item is saved into NetDocuments.  Good news!  Now you can, and here are the instructions.

  1. Select Go to Matter at the home screen and select any client and matter.
  2. Select Add and Upload. Select one document (preferably a small document) and Open (you can really pick anything, as you will not actually upload anything).
  3. Select Edit Profile/Tags.Edit Profile Tags when setting up default author in NetDocs
  4. Select Clear Profile. Also clear the name of the document in the Document Name field.  
  5. Select your name in the Author field.Select name for Author when setting up default author in NetDocs 
  6. Select Save As Template and name it something like YourName is Author and then OK.Save as template when setting up default author in NetDocs
  7. Go back to your Home page (Leave this Page). At this point, you are stopping short of actually uploading the document.  We initiated this process to get to the step where you can create and save a profile template.
  8. Go to Hi <Your Name> in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page and select Settings.Select Settings when setting up default author in NetDocs
  9. Select Application Settings and then scroll down to the bottom of that dialog box.  Select your desired Cabinet and then the new Template that you just created and OK.Select default cabinet when setting up default author in NetDocs

At this point, any new file that you save or upload into that cabinet will have the default value of your name in the Author field.

If you have any questions about setting up a default author or any other NetDocuments functions, you can always reach us at or request a consultation. We'd be happy to help!


Written By PAUL UNGER AND jeff krause


Paul is an Affinity Partner with a passion for teaching lawyers how to use technology and how to automate their practice. He teaches and coaches lawyers how to be more efficient with time, task, document & email management, and just as important, distraction management by offering customized time management workshops for lawyers and their staff throughout North America. He helped modernize the use of courtroom technology and is an expert in paperless office strategies and document management. He is also an author of numerous books, manuals, and articles. Paul is a national speaker and frequent lecturer for CLE programs.


Jeff is a Partner with Affinity. Jeff’s expertise ranges from case management, document management to billing and accounting. His career in legal technology has focused on not just helping other attorneys choose the right technology and use it the right way; but also, understanding how to apply it to their daily jobs in the context of their current work process and master business concepts that they can apply to their practice and achieve greater success. Jeff is a frequent author and speaker on a variety of legal technology subjects.

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