Simplify Bookkeeping with YourBooks


As solo and small firm law office owners, often the tasks that are most critical to continued business operation find themselves pushed down the priority list. This includes "back office" operations such as bookkeeping. 

Bookkeeping is a critical function for law firms. Law firm bookkeeping is more complicated than with other small businesses. Law firm bookkeepers need to understand the ethical rules applicable to lawyer billing and trust account management.
We can take the bookkeeping burden off of you and your firm with Affinity's YourBooks service. Contact Lauren Bencini at 727-544-5400 or

Jennifer Ramovs

Written by Jennifer Ramovs

As Affinity Director of Practice Management, Jennifer specializes in consulting and training legal professionals on practice management software and technology that addresses document assembly and document management needs. Jennifer meshes her knowledge of different technologies with her own experience practicing as a lawyer, and her unique ability to analyze law office workflow to help firms develop policies and procedures that maximize both productivity and profitability.

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