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Integration, sequencing and searching - oh my!

Check out a few Tech Tips to immediately impact your effectiveness and relieve a few headaches!

Tempo Integration Issues

  • As we all know, the Tempo system is a challenge for our law firm partners. It was recently brought to our attention that the Tempo Integration process with all external systems (CaseAware Integrate, NetDirector, in house direct connections, etc.) is making your jobs harder because the data that is being sent over is incomplete.  The referrals do not indicate what exactly they are for, which means users need to login to Tempo to find out before they can open the referrals.  Additionally, subsequent referrals for additional work after the initial referral are not being sent at all because Tempo sees those items as events and not referrals.  Affinity is working together with Tempo, CaseAware, and NetDirector to help resolve these issues!  Tempo released new development to try to resolve these issues for July, so we hope to see the integration working better for everyone very soon!

CaseAware Tip

  • Sequencing in CaseAware can be very time consuming to build. You need to create the steps, supps, and tasks and add all appropriate settings to them. There are checklists, auto supps, conditions, and delays to set up.  Did you know that Affinity built a program that can load your sequences from an Excel Spreadsheet in less time than a person could do it manually?  Save yourself some time today by contacting us for more information! 

Perfect Practice Tip

  • Did you know that you can make searching for cases more intuitive? Clicking the "Text Search Mode" checkbox will show all matches you're looking for, not just cases that start with your search term.

Erica Fujimoto

Written by Erica Fujimoto

Erica heads up Affinity’s default services team. Having worked in the default industry since 1999, Erica supports her team’s projects from a project management perspective. She also works directly with her clients as they implement, customize, maintain and update their default solutions software. Having worked with, and spoken to, default legal professionals across the country, Erica has a strong grasp of the foreclosure/bankruptcy laws in many states and is able to directly impact the efficiency of firms through her work.

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