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MAC Mondays coming soon!

You asked for it, Affinity delivers…MAC Mondays coming soon!

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MacCorner for November 2015 - Thankful for Things "Macful"

This month’s newsletter theme is things that we’re thankful for. Having just returned from Affinity’s CaseAware© ...

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MacCorner for October 2015 - Upgrade Season

As part of Apple’s September 9th media event, the company announced the release dates for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El ...

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The New iPad Pro - The Attorney's iPad?

On September 9th, Apple unveiled the long-awaited enormous iPad tablet. Because I do a large number of CLE and ...

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MacCorner for September 2015 - Making Mail Better

In the Windows world, many lawyers try to use Outlook alone as a practice management solution. They soon discover that ...

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MacCorner for August 2015 - Paperless Mac

As you may know, the favorite desktop scanner series at Affinity is the ScanSnap series from Fujitsu. This series of ...

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MacCorner for July 2015 - Traveling with Apple

Psychological studies show that vacation has tremendous health benefits. Broadly speaking, Americans are a vacation ...

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MacCorner for June 2015 - Macs in a Windows World

One class of questions that I hear frequently from Mac users in firms is how they can be better, more capable citizens ...

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MacCorner for May 2015 - Spring Cleaning Your Mac

Now that May, and warm weather for those of us in northern states, is upon us, our thoughts naturally turn towards ...

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