Training Video TECH TIP: Outlook Calendar Views

Filtered calendar views are one of Outlook’s hidden gems. You can spend most of your day in Outlook without uncovering the magic within.

Check out this quick video tip about Outlook calendar views from the Affinity Insight training course Power Hour: Outlook Calendar.

2020.05 Outlook Calendar Views


Categories not only colorize your calendar, but they also allow you to build calendar views quickly. Think of categories as a way to determine at a glance whether an appointment is a court appearance, a client meeting, an internal meeting, or a personal appointment. When you assign a category with a unique color, it applies that color to your appointment, creating a rainbow of meaning across your day.

Filtered Views

Create custom views for information pertinent to you. Want to know when you’re scheduled for trial? If you’ve applied a trial category to those appointments, you can quickly filter based on category and save the filter as a new view. Otherwise, you filter for appointments with the word “trial” in the subject. The same goes for any other type of event.

Once you’ve saved a new view, you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from that information again.

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