A New Skill a Day Keeps the Stress Away

With the current uncertainty in our daily lives, many people are more stressed than ever. Conventional wisdom says to eat well, exercise, and relax to reduce stress. While that’s all great advice, studies show that learning may relieve stress better than relaxing.  In recent studies, learning helped reduce negative emotions associated with stress more than relaxing during the day. Reducing stress can improve your mood and help you sleep better. Who doesn’t need a sunnier outlook and a good night’s sleep?

Start by turning stressful situations into learning opportunities. Whether you are tasked with doing something new or working under new constraints (who isn’t these days?), changing how you think can help lowering stress levels immediately. When you feel your stress level start to rise, take a step back, and think about how you can use this opportunity to learn something new.

A challenging assignment working with data in Excel is an opportunity to learn new formulas or other data-management tools. Reformatting a complex brief is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the power of styles. Managing remote meetings is an opportunity to dig into Outlook’s advanced features. Juggling your work duties and remote learning for your children is an opportunity to hone your time management skills.

Even though most of us are still engaged in social distancing, you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to colleagues, and ask how they handle similar challenges. You may be surprised at what you learn. Take advantage of online learning resources – there are more available now than ever before. To learn more about software you use every day, look for Affinity University videos, Affinity Insight power hours, and Affinity manuals to guide you through it every step of the way.

If you have any questions about turning stress into new skills or want to find out more about virtual learning opportunities with Affinity like the Affinity Insight training platform, contact us at 877-676-5492, or request a consultation.  


Danielle DavisRoe

Written by Danielle DavisRoe

Danielle’s many responsibilities at Affinity include training, CLE/speaking, writing, and management consulting. Prior to joining the Affinity family, Danielle practiced family law. She discovered, however, that she enjoyed making efficient use of technology more than practicing law, making her a perfect fit for consulting. Danielle describes her superpower as “herding cats,” and her favorite parts of her job are making others’ jobs and lives easier.

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