Affinity's Living Our Core Values Award Winners Recognized

At Affinity, we believe that a strong, unified culture and symbiotic relationships are the keys to our success. Throughout our company, we pride ourselves on four core values that our leadership and employees live by.  

Stand for Integrity 

We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.  We communicate with transparency, stand up for what is right with honor and respect, and embrace tough conversations.  

Have Grit 

We are critical thinkers who see tasks through to completion and care intensely about success; we’re going to get there together and be proud of what we’ve done. Our resourcefulness is unmatched.  

Raise the Bar 

We are curious. We’re committed to continuous improvement, challenging current standards, welcoming change, and trusting the process. 

Pick Up the Ball 

We have each other’s backs, do more while requiring less, and take initiative with Affinity’s signature “how can I help” attitude.  

This year we instituted quarterly Living Our Core Values Awards. Employees were given the opportunity to nominate their peers they believed stood out in one or more of our core value categories. Nominations were then sent company-wide through an anonymous survey, and everyone voted for a winner. The winners of this quarter’s Living Our Core Values Awards were:  

Stand for Integrity – Jennifer Ramovs 

As our Director of Practice Management, Jenn leads multiple consulting teams at Affinity. She is a leader, mentor, and coach to many of our consultants as well as a consultant to a few of our very delighted clients. Here’s what one of her colleagues had to say about her:  

"Jenn is one of the most straightforward people at Affinity, but her communication is done in a way that is both constructive and effective.  She is a role model to many when it comes to her ability to have a tough conversation in a way that helps you grow."    

Have Grit – Tarin Ferrill 

Tarin is a senior member of our Project Management team. She manages practice management and document management software implementation projects with a focus on making sure our clients are delighted. A co-worker had this to say about her:  

"Tarin cares intensely about the success of everything she touches, including every project she manages, every process she attempts to improve, as well as the success of every team member she works with. She is resourceful and has a proven teamwork mentality. Her grit and determination are unwavering."  

Raise the Bar - Danielle DavisRoe 

As a Senior Consultant at Affinity, Danielle’s many responsibilities include training, CLE/speaking, writing, and management consulting. Prior to joining the Affinity family, Danielle practiced family law. Here’s an example of why her co-workers believe she Raises the Bar:  

"Whenever something is needed, Danielle is not only willing to help, she does so happily. She is an amazing author! Without question, Danielle has raised the bar when it comes to content creation, raising that bar even higher day after day. She embraces the adventure of change for the good of Affinity and the challenge of establishing processes to support those new changes."  

Pick Up the Ball – Sara Deon 

Sara is a Client Relationship Manager who focuses on our Affinity Insight University offering. Her role at Affinity involves continued support for existing clients. She is charged with not only meeting the needs of Affinity Insight subscribers but also providing training solutions to help our clients exceed their continuing education goals. Here is why she was nominated by her colleague:  

"Sara always has everyone's back. If she takes on a task, you know she'll get it done, get it done fast, and get it done right. There's never a need to follow up with her. She is constantly offering to help and looking for new ways to support the Affinity team." 

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