Are you running an outdated version of Worldox?

Are you running an outdated version of Worldox | Legal Document Management

I’m a “car-guy”, and I love the look, feel and personality of classic old cars. My daily drive is 11 years old, and my “weekend” car is now 20 years old! What’s more, I have a race car that I run occasionally that is now a well-matured 34-year-old and is still able to hold it’s own against more modern contemporaries. So, I’m hardly a proponent for getting the “latest and greatest” just on the merit that because it is newer it will be faster or better. Indeed, I am writing this article on my 4 year old iPad Pro (first generation), while being interrupted with SMS messages from my 3 year old iPhone 8.

So, to tie this back to Worldox – I’m happy enough to plug along in my current version, just as long as:

  1. I can get my job done with it.
  2. It is compatible with my environment and the way I want to work.
  3. I am not missing out on efficiency gains or features that could be revolutionizing the way I work.
  4. It is supported by the vendor.

Running an older version of Worldox may be just getting you by, but do you really know what you are missing out on? Are you having trouble integrating with other desktop programs or are there performance issues that are impacting your productivity?

A firm that is running Worldox Gx4 that has not updated their code in the last 18 months is likely missing out on the new robust and reliable indexing engine (IAAS) and the performance enhancements that have come along with that.

Firms still running Worldox Gx3 are not only missing out on the huge gains in search speeds and database build times seen in Gx4, but are also missing out on using Categories during the process of saving documents and missing out on the Web 3 module that allows you to work with Worldox from anywhere, not to mention the Advanced Email Agent that allows you to link Outlook folders.

For those few firms we’ve heard of that are still running Worldox Gx2 (released 12 years ago), you are likely dealing with all sorts of environmental and integration issues with other software products, not to mentioned slower search performance. The list of enhancement and features added since 2008 is truly exhaustive.

With decades of combined Worldox experience and membership in the elite Inner Circle group, as designated by World Software Corporation, Affinity Consulting Group is an expert on all of the Worldox versions. Whether you need an update to your current code, or need an upgrade from older versions of Worldox, or perhaps you’re looking to move to a cloud environment, please give Affinity's Document Management Team a call at 877-676-5492, or request a consultation and we'll be happy to help. 

Current Worldox Code Release Dates

Worldox Gx4 Professional– October 21st, 2019

Symphony OCR – V 7.2.8

Symphony Profiler – V 2.056

Worldox Web 3 Server – September 27th, 2019


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Gregory Bray

Written by Gregory Bray

As a senior document management consultant at Affinity, Greg’s passion is working with his clients to modernize their offices and workflow. Ever creative and unwavering in focus, Greg is a person to go to when a challenge is seemingly impossible. With over 25 years’ experience in IT infrastructure and software systems implementation and support, and certifications in most document management technology solutions, Greg is one of our “go-to’s” when it comes to helping our clients go paperless, because Greg can make that idea a reality.

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