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Change is Challenging | Law Firm Training

Whether you've been settled in your career for five days or five decades, there is always something new to learn. The law changes. Technology changes. Policies and procedures change. Whether we like it or not, someone is always moving our cheese. Change is hard - there is no denying that. However, we can adjust our attitude and look to continually improve ourselves.

When we stop thinking of change as a burden to resist and start thinking of it as a challenge to better ourselves, we can find joy in learning new things and working more efficiently. For each change we face, if we invest time in learning new techniques at the outset and continuously improving our skills over the coming months, our newfound mastery can bring joy in places we never expected.

As technology and procedures come and go, time spent learning is never wasted. Just as law school teaches law students how to think like a lawyer (rather than how to practice law), learning new technology teaches you new ways to think about everyday problems and new techniques for dealing with them.

Some changes are here to stay - at least for the foreseeable future. For anyone who has made the conversion from WordPerfect to Word (regardless of which one you prefer), your Word skills will continue to benefit you in the long run. Same with the switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. There is no denying that either change was challenging, but the skills learned from the change benefit users for years to come.

Not only will a positive attitude help you adapt to change better, but it may also help your relationships with your colleagues. People generally enjoy being around positive people. Further, a positive attitude can rub off on others. In turn, positive attitudes can create a positive workplace culture, making it a better place to work.

The next time a change comes your way, take a moment to adjust your attitude and stay positive. Good things will come your way.


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Danielle DavisRoe

Written by Danielle DavisRoe

Whether it’s teaching clients a new skill, writing a macro to automate a complicated task, fixing a document that doesn’t work properly or automating a complex set of documents, Danielle, who is part of our legal document automation team, is 100-percent focused on making the lives of her clients better. After working as an attorney in domestic relations for several years, Danielle found her way to Affinity and to this day she is always on the lookout for better ways to do things. She carries new strategies she finds with her as she works with the clients her team supports. Danielle has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and a Juris Doctorate from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

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