Get a Handle on Your Data with Microsoft Excel Subtotals

With all that Microsoft Excel has to offer legal professionals, it can be overwhelming and intimidating to even get started. A few simple steps, though, will make quick calculations easy and increase your team’s productivity.

Check out this quick video tip about how Excel’s SUMIF functions allow you to get a handle on your data from the Affinity Insight live training sessions on the Excel Function Series.

2021.02 Excel Subtotals


Excel's SUMIF function allows you to quickly calculate subtotals. Start by clicking in the cell where you want to the subtotal. Then, click on the Math & Trig dropdown on the Formulas ribbon. Select SUMIF.

For the range, enter the range of cells you want to evaluate. For the criteria, enter what the cells in the range must be equal to in order to be included in the subtotal. Finally, for the sum range, enter the range of cells to be totaled.

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