ILTACON 2021: Highlights from the 41st Annual Conference

For those of you who missed ILTACON this year, here’s a recap for you. ILTACON was ILTA's first hybrid event in 2021 and by most accounts was a great success.   Many attendees, sponsors, and volunteers descended upon Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  Those unable to attend in person had the opportunity to attend the keynotes and topical educational sessions virtually with over 1000 hours of streamed content throughout the week.  While in-person attendance certainly wasn’t what we have seen in years past, most folks seemed to make the most of the smaller crowds and enjoyed more quality time with those in attendance. 

ILTACON 2021 was off to a great start with an inspiring keynote address by Dr. Mae Jemison - Peak Tech: Arts, Sciences, and Humanity Required. She shared her insights on the power of connection and beautifully described her journey of traveling into space and other accomplishments that led her to create the LOOK UP  program.   

As always, there was a plethora of sessions to choose from across various tracks. Not surprising was a focus on hybrid working environments. There were sessions on talent development and maximizing productivity in a permanently hybrid world.  Once again, “connection” seemed to be at the forefront of these discussions.  The key themes were to be intentional about your time, actions, and connections. Of course, cloud and remote technologies continue to be popular topics of discussion with security and compliance at the core.  

The most attended educational sessions were:  

  • Microsoft Teams Takes Center Stage 
  • Ewww, David! Change Management and User Group Lessons learned from The Roses 
  • Redefining the Delivery of Legal Services 

It wouldn’t be a conference or Vegas without some fun mixed in with the education, right? Every evening provided multiple opportunities to network and enjoy all that Vegas has to offer.  From great dinners, disco dancing, poolside cabana meetings, and even an ice bar event attendees and sponsors took full advantage of the time together. The mask requirement didn’t seem to impede the fun!  

Hopefully, 2022 will be a brighter year and we can resume our usual ILTACON fanfare with lots of hustle and bustle.  Given the circumstances, it was a great conference and Affinity was happy to see clients, friends, and colleagues. 

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Beth Thompson

Written by Beth Thompson

Beth leads Affinity’s client engagement team and works closely with our software vendors and referral partners. She also assists clients who are considering our services. Last, but not least, Beth serves on ACG’s leadership team. For 25 years, Beth has focused on legal technology, working with both law firms and corporate legal departments. During the last 15 years, she has led several sales teams and worked closely with marketing to allow for better collaboration across teams. Beth’s superpower is her ability to read people, and her favorite parts of her job are helping clients solve problems and coaching her team.

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