ICYMI: What's New In NetDocuments

One of the great benefits of using the NetDocuments cloud DMS service is that new features and enhancements are being constantly added. Unfortunately, these updates are often so subtle or buried within menus that you would be hard pressed to ever notice. So, let’s take a minute to draw your attention to some of the highlights of the more recent additions to your NetDocuments system.

Home Page Delegation

You can give others View or View/Edit rights to your Home Page and if they have Edit rights, they will be able to move items around, change/add/delete section headings, and un-favorite items that are already on the owner's Home Page.

F9 Shortcut to Compare Documents

The F9 shortcut to quickly compare two versions of the same document or two selected documents now works in any browser.

Margin Notes

This feature allows users to collaborate on a document while previewing it without changing the underlying text or editing the current version. Having conversations, highlighting, creating and replying to comments on the text are all possible using Margin Notes.

File Extension Column Within List Views

You can add the file extension of your documents into any file list, or add it to your default list view template.

International Language Support

NetDocuments now includes language support withing the Web UI and the desktop integration applications to allow for the presentation of content in your chosen language (Spanish, German, French, etc.).

Workspace Security Manager

This feature simplifies security management by creating policies that contain users and groups with assigned permissions, and controls for locking the permissions to create ethical walls, and for the sharing confidential data.


For those who are after dashboard reporting at the repository, cabinet and workspace levels, ndAnalytics offers add-on reporting services that allows Administrators to more effectively manage their NetDocuments systems.

ndOffice 2.8.x

NetDocuments now supports Microsoft Visio, provides the option to rename a document, edit the version name, and edit the version description when saving a document as a new version of an existing document in NetDocuments. When you use the Save As dialog box, you now have profile details at your fingertips with the Details pane open by default.

ndMail 1.9.x

NetDocuments now includes Conversation Filing. which automatically files items in a conversation after one message in the conversation is filed. This functionality is sometimes referred to as "luggage tags" and the NetDocuments predictive filing approach solves the same problem as legacy luggage tagging.

Of course, this is just a short list of recent additions, and there are plenty of great features coming to your NetDocuments system in Q3. Be sure to reach out to Affinity for more information, or to subscribe to our Affinity Insight NetDocuments training library.

Gregory Bray

Written by Gregory Bray

As a senior document management consultant at Affinity, Greg’s passion is working with his clients to modernize their offices and workflow. Ever creative and unwavering in focus, Greg is a person to go to when a challenge is seemingly impossible. With over 25 years’ experience in IT infrastructure and software systems implementation and support, and certifications in most document management technology solutions, Greg is one of our “go-to’s” when it comes to helping our clients go paperless, because Greg can make that idea a reality.

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