Worldox Training - Introducing Enhanced Email Agent

Introducing Enhanced Email Agent

New to Worldox’ latest code base (September 2019 GX4 update) is an optional feature called the Worldox E-Mail Agent, which provides more email save and retrieval capabilities than ever before. 

Worldox’ Enhanced Email Agent will:

  • Process Worldox Automatic Drop Folders, so you don’t have to wait for them to process
  • Process User-Defined Outlook folders that, once assigned to a Worldox matter, will support Move to Worldox or Copy to Worldox features with pre-defined metadata
  • Add Worldox icon to Outlook folders linked to Worldox
  • Add Global Flags to messages already moved or copied (visually alerting you in Outlook as to which messages are already saved to Worldox)
  • Process messages without the Worldox Client running - mobile devices, Outlook Web App, etc.

What this now means is that Worldox users can essentially create their own sub-folders in Outlook and pre-define that whatever is saved to that sub-folder will automatically be saved to Worldox to a pre-defined Client-Matter.  This means that users are no longer “forced” to use the copy or move to Worldox buttons on the Outlook-Worldox ribbon or the Worldox favorite matters folders at the bottom of your inbox folder structure (Worldox drop folders).  You can drag and drop one or more emails at a time to a sub-folder that YOU create and assign to a Client-Matter, very similar to what you likely do now with matter related sub-folders.

If you have any questions about Worldox' Enhanced Email Agent or creating folders and sub-folders in Worldox, just ask an Affinity expert by calling 877-676-5492, or request a consultation.


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Steve Best

Written by Steve Best

Steve is a Partner with Affinity, an expert in law firm business consulting, and a member of both the Florida and Georgia bars. Steve leverages his passion for technology, along with his knowledge in the practice of law to help his clients make their firms and departments more productive. Steve specifically focuses on the areas of document management and time, billing and accounting.

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