Legal Software Training: Introducing the New Affinity University!


This year, we have some great enhancements coming to Affinity University (AU).  Our goal has always been to provide simple, cost effective, relevant training on the programs we KNOW are in use everyday at your law firms and legal departments.

A brief history of AU 

When we started several years ago, we scheduled 1 hour courses that attendees registered for in advance, paid for individually, and attended at a date and time that we dictated.  They were great courses – but what we have learned over the years is that training – while critically important, is also the thing that tends to get bumped off the agenda when a client or team member needs attention.  So, we decide to turn Affinity University into an on-demand option, where those 1 hour courses could be watched at any time that was convenient to our subscribers. We were getting better!  Then we started thinking…what if someone doesn’t have an hour, and they really just need a refresher on removing metatdata, or condensing a PDF, entering time in Tabs3, or creating categories in NetDocuments?

So, we changed the way we record – moving from 1 hour “Basics” courses, to shorter (think 10-15 minutes for most!), easier to consume, targeted training courses.  Now, subscribers have access to quick training videos all throughout the day when they need them.  No need to set aside an entire hour.

As we focused on the cost-effective aspect of Affinity University – we kept it simple. $360 for an entire year of unlimited access to training for your entire firm!  Not per person – per firm or office. With your subscription, you received a login that was shared with your entire team. 

Most firms loved that approach. Affordable, easy.  However – we were still missing something.  For firms who have made training a part of their professional development – one login just didn’t cut it.  With only one login, you could not report on who had viewed which courses or assign courses out. And, some people really disliked the shared login.

What's NEW!

This month, we are excited to launch an enhanced AU, featuring Course Manager. Course Manager gives your firm the ability to create an Admin login, and that administrator can then set up individual logins for all users, giving you the ability to assign courses, report on what was watched, add and remove users as your teams change.  And the best news?  An AU plus Course Manager subscription is only $499 per year. Still affordable, still easy.  And, we are adding updated courses every month. 

For existing users, you will be thrilled to experience a faster load for the home page, and a reorganized AU.  Courses are now organized with individual lessons, so you can see all of the lessons that are included in a course. 

Check out for the following courses – and click the course name to see all the available lessons!

  • Actionstep
  • Adobe
  • Affinity Webinars
  • Centerbase
  • Clio
  • HotDocs
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • NetDocuments
  • Nuance Power PDF
  • Orion
  • PCLaw
  • pdfDocs
  • PracticeMaster
  • Tabs3
  • TimeMatters
  • Worldox

Not a subscriber yet?  Your subscription comes with a 30 day free trial. So sign up, check it out, and if you don’t see what you need – simply cancel before your 30 day trial expires.

Your team wants to master the tools they use every day to get their work done.  Let them! 

Join us February 7 at 1PM for a quick 30-minute webinar featuring the new AU, and a sneak peek at Course Manager!

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Jennifer Ramovs

Written by Jennifer Ramovs

As Affinity Director of Practice Management, Jennifer specializes in consulting and training legal professionals on practice management software and technology that addresses document assembly and document management needs. Jennifer meshes her knowledge of different technologies with her own experience practicing as a lawyer, and her unique ability to analyze law office workflow to help firms develop policies and procedures that maximize both productivity and profitability.

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