Level Up Your Professional Development This Year


Do you make resolutions every year that you end up bailing on? What if you could make one that Affinity could help you keep? Resolve to level up your professional development this year, and we can help you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills or help others with their development, we’ve got you covered.    

Your Own Professional Development

Take your professional development into your own hands:
  1. Take a Digital Course. Digital courses are all the rage these days for a good reason. You can learn from a wide variety of experts without ever leaving your home or office. Engage with digital courses when it works for you - take a fully digital course in one sitting or break it up over days, weeks, or months. Most digital courses include bite-sized videos and downloadable content to help you get the most out of them.

    Check out Affinity Insight digital courses enrolling new students today.
  2. Watch a video a day. Resolve to watch an informative video a day. Set aside a specific time each day to help the habit stick. Queue up videos you’re interested in so that you just need to click play on the next video each day. The easier it is to start watching, the easier it will be to stick with your new habit. 

    Watching videos on YouTube? Subscribe to channels that interest you to help you find new videos. Check out Affinity’s educational YouTube channel here.

    Affinity Insight members can watch a wide variety of software training videos and previously recorded webinars to help level up their skills.

  3. Read More. Looking for some peace and quiet while developing your skills? Resolve to read more. Read a blog post or chapter a day. Chapters are easy - select a book, and you’ll have a list of daily readings to last a week or more. If you’re looking for blog posts, subscribe to your favorite blogs to get notified of updates. Then, favorite the posts that interest you to make it easy to get back to them later. 

    Affinity’s blog is filled with posts to help you become the best legal professional you can be. 


Leaders Looking to Develop Their Team

Help your team grow this year:

  1. Provide regular training sessions. The easiest way to skill up your team is to enroll them in regularly scheduled training. Not everything is like riding a bike - many skills are lost if they aren’t used regularly. If you have an in-house trainer, work with them to schedule weekly training sessions on a variety of topics. Ensure your team sets aside the time to attend and stays engaged throughout the entire training session. 

    If you’re an Affinity Insight Plus or Premium member, enroll your team in upcoming live training sessions. 
  2. Start a book club. Want to encourage your team to read books to help with their professional development? Start a book club, and encourage your team to join. Buy the books and lunch for meetings on the company’s dime. Free lunch is a great incentive for people to join, and discussing the books will take their understanding to the next level. Give people plenty of time to read between meetings; if you meet quarterly, you’ll get through 4 books a year.

    Looking for a great first book to read? Try Tame the Digital Chaos by Affinity partner Paul Unger. 
  3. Involve your team in improving your processes. When you involve your team in improving your processes, your whole team will reap multiple benefits. Efficiency will improve when your processes are well-honed to support your people and take advantage of your technology. Involving your team ensures that they understand the new processes and that the new processes take into account what actually happens behind the scenes. Process improvement is the perfect time for your team to learn new tricks. 

    Need help getting the ball rolling on a process improvement? Affinity can help you take a holistic approach to make improvements.
Make a resolution you can keep in the new year – focus on professional development to lay the groundwork for greater success over the coming years. If we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us at 877-676-5492 or request a consultation. 

Danielle DavisRoe

Written by Danielle DavisRoe

Danielle’s many responsibilities at Affinity include training, CLE/speaking, writing, and management consulting. Prior to joining the Affinity family, Danielle practiced family law. She discovered, however, that she enjoyed making efficient use of technology more than practicing law, making her a perfect fit for consulting. Danielle describes her superpower as “herding cats,” and her favorite parts of her job are making others’ jobs and lives easier.

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