ndOffice - An Easier Way to Wrestle with Attachments in Outlook

ndOffice - Wrestle with Attachments

When working with attachments, ndOffice provides some often overlooked functions to make life much easier. In Outlook, create a new email, attach a few documents, and take a look in your Message toolbar.  You will notice these NetDocuments tools:

NetDocument Office toolsYou use the Attach button to attach a copy of one or more documents to an email.

Use the Edit button to re-name, re-order or convert them to PDF before sending.

Use the Zip button to compress and zip select attachments before sending.

When attaching files to an email, the Edit button gives you three incredibly useful functions:

1. Re-Order Attachments

You can re-order attachments by dragging the handle on the far right-hand side of the list. In this example, use your mouse to grab the handle next to the Motion for Summary Judgment, and drag it up or down to the desired order.ndOffice re-order attachements

2. Re-Name Attachments

If you do not like the name of the attachment, simply click on the name of the file and rename it. This will change the name of the file within the email only (not within the NetDocs matter/workspace).ndOffice rename attachments

3. Convert to PDF on the Fly within Email

If you want to convert the attachment to PDF on the fly within the email, simply check the box next to the desired file to convert. This will work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.ndOffice convert to PDF

If you have questions about ndOffice and working with attachments or would like information about other features found in NetDocuments, contact us any time. You can reach us at 877-676-5492, or simply request a consultation. 


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Written by Paul Unger

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