NetDocuments Training: Introducing SetBuilder

Introducing SetBuilder for NetDocuments

As legal professionals, we are constantly combining a large number of documents into a single PDF to create closing binders, witness binders, real estate binders, etc. and creating tables of contents. Coming soon, SetBuilder will offer NetDocuments users an easy way to organize these document sets into one set and then send them out as a secure link.

An easy drag and drop interface will allow you to quickly lay out a set of documents as an outline (or checklist) as simple or as complex as needed. Outlines can accommodate multiple levels of hierarchy, flexible numbering systems, and sorting in any order. Documents can even be added as placeholders before they exist and filled in as they are drafted and approved.

Once your documents are finalized, you can combine them with a single button-click into one PDF document. From there you can securely share the PDF straight from NetDocuments.

When the time comes for another project, sets can easily be cloned and re-used.

NetDocuments has not yet set a release date, but in the meantime check out the video below for a preview of SetBuilder.

Introducing SetBuilder by NetDocuments - netdocuments

If you have any questions about SetBuilder, organizing documents or any NetDocuments features, reach out to us any time. Just call us at 877-676-5492, or request a consultation. 


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Ryan Dietzman

Written by Ryan Dietzman

Ryan Dietzman is a technology titan! He works with our default services team to help firms implement and streamline their case management systems. But, with 10 years of experience working within law firm IT departments and as a technology implementation consultant, Ryan also helps Affinity clients with document management, document automation, custom reports, process automation and data migration. His favorite part of all these tasks? It’s taking a difficult or tedious process and seeing how much of it can be automated with custom scripts or improved with a better process – especially when others have called a project impossible. Ryan loves delivering creative solutions!

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