New Chrome Update Breaks NetDocs Extension Integration

New Chrome Update Breaks NetDocs Extension Integration

ATTENTION GOOGLE CHROME USERS! According to a new bulletin released by NetDocuments the newest release of Google Chrome (Chrome 77) effectively breaks the NetDocuments Chrome extension. This effects your ability to use the extension to upload documents from NetDocs into other sites. To identify your current version of Chrome, go to the kebab (three vertical dots - usually on the top-right of the window immediately to the right of the address bar) and select Help > About Google Chrome.

Chrome Update Breaks NetDocs Extension IntegrationYou will see the version ID in this window.

Google Chrome version ID windowIf you've already updated to version 77, use this link to find instructions from Google to execute the downgrade to get you back to a previous version of Chrome:

This issue isn't limited to NetDocuments, as many other popular products have also been similarly effected by this new Chrome version.

If you have any questions about this important notice from NetDocuments or any other questions about uploading documents from NetDocuments, please contact us. One of our consultants will be happy to provide assistance. Just call us at 877-676-5492, or request a consultation. 


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Drew Tompkins

Written by Drew Tompkins

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