Power Automate

Do you ever find yourself doing the same set of simple tasks over and over? Do you ever wish things could just be done automatically?

Microsoft Power Automate (also known as Microsoft Flow) is a “no-code/low code” service that allows you to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services.

Using Power Automate, you can automate your workflows by sending or receiving notifications such as reminders, task assignments, document status changes, or approvals. You can collect or send data on a scheduled task or based on a trigger from another source system.  

A Flow is set up by linking a series of tasks that run in sequence – like a chain of events or set of dominoes – when one or more triggers are activated or when certain conditions are satisfied. 

With modern cloud systems like NetDocuments, the possibilities of Power Automate Flows are nearly endless.  

One of the simplest tasks to automate in NetDocuments is the population of data lookup tables. Rather than manually adding the records, you can use a Power Automate Flow to add new records to a lookup table (i.e., client, matter, project, case, author, etc.).  

Another recurring task that may be tedious is adding a new user to your NetDocuments system. For example, your organization may occasionally bring on a new employee. This may involve creating the user account, assigning group membership, and adding a new record to an Author or Employee table or other custom attributes. These tasks can all be automated and linked together into a single Flow.  

Or perhaps you want to produce a report of documents that match specified criteria. A Flow could be set up to execute the search on a scheduled basis and send you an email with the report, including links to documents or workspaces.  

Using Power Automate, you can easily integrate NetDocuments with Microsoft services such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft Forms, Teams, and OneDrive; or other cloud systems such as Gmail, social media, DocuSign, or DropBox.  

If you would like to explore ways Power Automate may help you become more productive, be sure to reach out to Affinity. You can also subscribe to our Affinity Insight training library for more topics like this. 

Russell Duncan

Written by Russell Duncan

Russell Duncan is one of Affinity’s Document Management Magicians! Russell came to Affinity after spending several years with Partner NetDocuments wearing many hats over his years there. Affinity clients gain from Russell’s immense experience working with document management solutions and problem-solving skills. He loves to help people get the most out of their technology and to learn new things. When analyzing complex legal software systems, Russell is gifted in his ability to simplify them for others’ ease of use and understanding.

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