Tech Tip - Project Wirelessly


Are you tired of fishing ugly HDMI and VGA cables around your conference room to do a presentation or conduct training?

If you have Windows 10 on your computer and nearly any recent smart television in your conference room (or living room - yes, this works at home too!), you can wirelessly project from your computer to your television. Here's how:

1. On your laptop, left-click on your Notification Center icon, usually located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen (you can also hit your Windows key and type “Project”)


2. Select Project.

Project 2

3. Select Connect to Wireless Display.

Project 3

4. You should see your television screen listed.  Select Connect.  

If you do not see your TV listed as an alternate monitor, consult your TV’s manual for instructions to make the TV available for screen sharing.  Depending on the brand/model/year of your TV, it is usually found in Settings or Tools and Screen Sharing or Screen Mirroring 

Note: Your TV must be a Smart TV and on the same wireless network as the laptop that you are using.

Final Tip -  There is a small amount of latency, but it really isn’t bad.  I recommend looking at your computer screen when operating the mouse and keyboard, as opposed to the large TV display.

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Paul Unger

Written by Paul Unger

Paul is a national speaker and author. In addition, he coaches lawyers on how to be more efficient with time management by offering customized workshops. When he isn't speaking or writing, he usually performs technology assessments throughout the United States and Canada. Paul began his career working for the Governor of Ohio and then went on to law school. He practiced law for six years, specializing in litigation and bankruptcy, before starting a legal technology consulting company with partner Barron Henley in 2000. Paul's superpowers are cleaning up messes and turning digital chaos into well-organized machines. His favorite part of his job is helping people get organized and focused on finding more enjoyment in their lives and careers.

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