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Redaction and NetDocuments

The topic of “Redaction” has received a lot of media attention lately. The issue seems to center around the base concept of too much information being redacted, or in other cases not enough. With this in mind, it is important to establish “Redaction Standards” to guide employees.  These approved guidelines need to be incorporated by everyone in your organization.  To effectively achieve this objective, understanding how these functions interact with NetDocuments can be very helpful.

Since NetDocuments is a Document Management system, be sure to leverage any third-party software with redaction capabilities.  There are many available, but this month we will highlight the redaction capabilities of pdfDocs and its interaction with NetDocuments.

Once redaction software such as pdfDocs is purchased, the user is given the option to use it as part of their everyday process.  From NetDocuments, one can right-click on a document and select Open in pdfDocsRedaction with NetDocs and pdfDocs

Once in pdfDocs, the native redaction features of pdfDocs take over.  Build Format Codes can be initially created to look for various information details such as Social Security Numbers, Tax Information and any other standards. When found, they are selected and you can confirm if you want them redacted from documents.

Redaction Code Editor for redaction in Worldox

These built-in code sets can serve as a foundation on which the specific Redaction Standards are built. Once created it can be incorporated by users as part of their everyday process. More importantly, when leveraging pdfDocs or another redaction software solution, standards can be quickly updated as needed and deployed to all users ensuring their Redaction Standards are followed.

Additionally, one can also manually inspect the document and select text or an area of a document to mark it for redaction.  Once the redaction is applied and the document is saved, that text is gone forever, so be sure to save it as a new version or new name.

Redaction removes permanently in Worldox

In closing, these tools give decision makers of the firm or legal departments a sense of assurance knowing that they have provided their employees the proper tools to protect the firm from the exposure others in the national news have recently faced. It is with tools such as pdfDocs that legal professionals can leverage existing standards to quickly implement and deploy their own Redaction Standards.

If you have any questions about redaction, third party software recommendations or any other NetDocuments features, reach out to us any time. Just call us at 877-676-5492, send us an email at or request a consultation. 


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