Symphony Profiler – Add Automation to your Multi-Function Copier!

Symphony Profiler - Add Automation to Your Multi-function Copier

While the prevailing trend in technology is a fight to be the smallest and lightest new product, one stalwart of the office remains. A behemoth that stands, monolithically in the center of a workroom, or perhaps snuggled away in a corner, languishing behind a partition. There they wait. Powersave features activated, itching to feel the touch of a stack of documents, dropped unceremoniously into an auto-feed tray, depressing the sizing sensors. 8 1/2" x 11"? 11" x 14"? No matter. This multi-function copier is ready to scan your documents. It has been waiting to take these crude membranes of cellulose, read them with eyes of CCDs illuminated by high-intensity LEDs and then to transmogrify the marks, scratches and scribbles into 1s and 0s, Binary code for Symphony Profilershot at the speed of electrons to their destination in a subdirectory within another subdirectory on a hard drive somewhere on your network. Now what?

Rather than hunt for the document in a common folder on the network, or sift through your emails to find the correct scan job attached to an email from the multifunction copier in order to profile that into Worldox, why not use one of the most powerful and time-saving additions to your Worldox site? Trumpet Software's Symphony Profiler allows users to pre-profile documents in Worldox, and by use of proprietary, reusable cover sheets, quickly, easily and AUTOMATICALLY route the scanned copies into the correct matter within Worldox, without the need to profile the documents after the fact.

The process goes like this: Symphony Profiler installs on your existing Worldox Indexer and then monitors the network folders into which scans from your multi-function copier are deposited. Multi-function copier meets Symphony ProfilerThe Symphony Profiler seamlessly integrates into your user's Worldox interface, allowing them to designate a unique cover sheet code from a stack of reusable cover sheets at their desk, and use that code and cover sheet to profile the pre-scanned document in Worldox before paper hits scanner. Efficiency is built into this process, by allowing users to repeat this process over and over, associating and separating a series of scan jobs with these cover sheets. Users then take the whole batch to the scanner, where each cover sheet is scanned, and Symphony Profiler then automatically applies the correct Worldox profile to the individual documents, where they are instantaneously indexed and ready for searching, viewing, etc.


Symphony Profiler is a product of Trumpet Software, renowned creator of Symphony OCR, their flagship product which they have been producing and improving for almost 2 decades. 

If you are interested in learning more about Symphony Profiler and how it can bring its powerful integrations into your firm or practice, contact our Client Success Team by calling 877-676-5492, or request a consultation and we'll be happy to help.


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Drew Tompkins

Written by Drew Tompkins

Drew joins the Affinity Document Management Team with loads of experience in the technologies that law firms use most. He actually began his career with Affinity Consulting in 2003 as a consultant working with a variety of systems from PCLaw to Amicus Attorney and Worldox, as well as managing our Client Services Team. Upon leaving Affinity, Drew joined the IT Department of Marquette University, managing their computer replacement program. He is thrilled to be back! Drew’s favorite part about returning to Affinity and document management is his chance to rejoin the Affinity family and work with all of the great Affinity team members and clients.

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