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If you've ever attended a technology-focused time management seminar, you've probably heard that you need to stop using your inbox as a task list. That's easier said than done, especially if you've gotten into the habit of copying yourself on emails that you want to remember to follow up on. Break that habit with task delegation tools in Outlook.

Check out this quick video tip about tracking changes in Microsoft Word from the Affinity Insight training course Power Hour: Outlook - Tasks.

2020.08 Outlook - Delegating Tasks

Task Creation

Start delegating by creating an Outlook task. You can drag-and-drop an email or create a task from scratch by clicking on the New Task button.

Task Delegation

To delegate the task, click on the Assign Task button. Add the delegee to the To field. Check the boxes to keep an updated copy of this task on your task list and to send you a status report when the task is marked completed.

Task Settings

Change your settings to check those boxes by default. On the File menu, click on Options. Under the Task options, in the Task options group, check the boxes to Keep my task list updated with copies of tasks I assign to other people and Send status report when I complete an assigned task.

Now you can track your tasks and those you assign others from your task list instead of your inbox.


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