Training Video TECH TIP: Process Email Faster with Quick Steps in Outlook

Process Email Faster with Quick Steps in Outlook | Legal Microsoft Office Training

Processing emails can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Take control of your inbox by learning how to use Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook to combine regular, multi-step actions into a single click.

Check out this quick video tip about how to leverage Quick Steps to process email faster from the Affinity Insight training course Power Hour: Outlook.


2021.01 Outlook Quick Steps




Outlook's Quick Steps combine multiple actions into a single click - allowing you to process email faster. Take, for example, the steps required to delegate an email to others in your organization. Normally, you would: (1) click on forward, (2) enter the email address(es) in the to field, (3) write a message in the body asking them to handle the email, (4) click send, and (5) move the email out of your inbox. With Quick Steps, you can do all of that with one click.

Create a new Quick Step that forwards the email to designated people with a pre-set message automatically. Add a second action to the Quick Step that automatically moves the email to another folder (such as a folder for delegated email). When it comes time to delegate an email, a single click on the Quick Step in your Quick Steps gallery will take care of the rest.


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