Understanding Moneyball



In today's business environment, competition is fierce. With a limited budget, it is complicated to stay on top of the game and achieve your firm's goals. However, there is a hidden value in some aspects of our business that we tend to overlook. To take advantage of great opportunities, Affinity partner Jeff Krause explains "Moneyball" in terms that can help your firm achieve its objectives.



Tracking factors like leads, conversion rates and profit margin is the essence of Moneyball. Understanding data that affects the bottom line, translates into the ability to make decisions based on numbers. By making better, more informed decisions, firms can achieve their goals and thrive despite the competitive nature of the market and the limited resources they possess.

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Jeff Krause

Written by Jeff Krause

Jeff is a Partner with Affinity. Jeff’s expertise ranges from case management, document management to billing and accounting. His career in legal technology has focused on not just helping other attorneys choose the right technology and use it the right way; but also, understanding how to apply it to their daily jobs in the context of their current work process and master business concepts that they can apply to their practice and achieve greater success. Jeff is a frequent author and speaker on a variety of legal technology subjects.

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