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As part of their latest WDU14 and WDU15 code base, World Software has released a new and exciting feature called the Worldox Advanced Email Agent. This feature offers you easier ways to save email and granular control over the processing of your emails. Once you install and configure this new feature you will obtain the following new features:

Process Worldox Automatic Drop Folders:  With the agent, your existing drop folders will behave the same way that they always have. You can still manually copy or move your emails and you will have the ability to auto copy or auto move multiple emails using the new email heuristics information that gets assigned to emails within Outlook.

Process the new, user-defined Worldox Link Folders:  You can now link existing or newly created folders within Outlook to specific locations of your choosing within Worldox. Not only can you link to specific locations, but you can also define whether the emails get copied or moved whenever they are added to this new linked folder.

Add Worldox icon to Outlook folders linked to Worldox:  For all of your newly linked folders you will see a prominent Worldox logo where the folder icon normally is located. This allows you to quickly evaluate whether a folder has been linked or not to Worldox.

Worldox icon added to Outlook folders when linked

With this feature, just drag and drop emails to these already-familiar folders under your Inbox and the emails will be automatically saved into Worldox.

 Add Global Flags to messages already moved or copied:  Each email that is now processed via the Advanced Email Agent will have a category flag placed on the email, so there’s a quick visual queue that an email has been copied to Worldox. What’s more even if I’m only cc’d on an email if someone else saves it to Worldox, it will be marked as saved within my Outlook.

Worldox Global Flags added to messages

Process messages without the Worldox Client running:  Because email processing has been moved to the Exchange level, you can move emails to your linked folders from any device, phone, tablet, OWA, 365, etc. and Advanced Email Agent will process these emails and copy or move them based on how you have that linked folder setup. This no longer requires that you keep Worldox running on a machine or wait for email to be processed until you return to the office and launch Outlook and Worldox. Email processing happens automatically now in the background regardless of the device from which you manipulate the emails.

Advanced Email Agent is just one of the exciting features in the latest Worldox release. If you have any questions about Advanced Email Agent or any other Worldox DMS feature, please contact Affinity's Document Management Team by calling 877-676-5492, or request a consultation and we'll be happy to help. 


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Bryce Phillips

Written by Bryce Phillips

Bryce is one of our team members who understands all the ways technology can help legal professionals. When Bryce first joined Affinity in 2011, he worked with our client service team, but a developing passion and skill working in-depth with clients on their issues led to him becoming a consultant just a year later. Today, Bryce is a senior consultant with our document management team. He enjoys the challenges every new project presents. His background working with all of our teams perfectly positions Bryce to leverage Affinity’s collective knowledge to ensure all of a clients’ technology systems work together in the best possible way – even if their function is outside of Bryce’s specialization. Bryce also provides product support for Legal Anywhere, Symphony Suite and Copernic Desktop Search.

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