Worldox and Microsoft Teams Integration

World Software Corporation recently released the BETA of an upcoming integration between Microsoft® Teams and Worldox GX4. This new integration will provide a cost-effective and secure method for law firms and legal departments to share their documents and collaborate with internal Teams’ contacts and external contacts in Teams.

This integration has been designed to transfer data directly from Worldox to Microsoft® Teams and back. It leverages the power of Teams and enables document sharing and collaboration as Worldox continues to be your document repository. This integration provides many useful features, such as:

  • Consistent Team-naming based on Worldox Field Codes and Descriptions
  • Creates new Teams on data transfer if needed, or you may use existing Teams
  • Uses existing and/or option to create Channels within that Team
  • A way to send files to Teams both checked-out and not checked-out in Worldox
  • Clearly marking files in Worldox as being shared in Teams
  • A hyperlink from the Worldox file list to Teams using the Teams app or a browser
  • A way to import files back into Worldox when completed in Teams as a Version
  • A way to bring files in Teams that are not currently in Worldox to Worldox
  • A way to send a message to a Team with or without a file link
  • Send To options or buttons in the Worldox interface to facilitate this
  • An audit trail of the file being shared in Teams to show when save, send, etc. events occurred

The setup of this new integration, once released, will need to involve the Microsoft 365 administrator for your firm as well as your Worldox VAR. There are settings and changes that will need made in Microsoft Azure as well as ensuring the Microsoft 365 administrator has rights to all of the Microsoft 365 apps required, such as the Microsoft Graph API.

This new integration will allow for firms who are already leveraging Microsoft 365 and Teams to be able to securely collaborate with other members of the firm. You are able to directly add files to a Teams chat, so all users in the chat can collaborate on the document. You are then able to check that same document back into Worldox directly from Teams and save it as a newer version of the original. There are new right-click menu options (shown below) that will allow for the sending of files from inside of a matter directly to Teams.

Wd and Teams integration

Still have questions about the Teams integration and how it will work with Worldox? Affinity is here to help. If you need assistance with rolling out this integration when it’s available or just have collaboration in document management questions, please contact the Document Management Team at Affinity by calling 877-676-5492, or simply request a consultation.

Bryce Phillips

Written by Bryce Phillips

Bryce is one of our team members who understands all the ways technology can help legal professionals. When Bryce first joined Affinity in 2011, he worked with our client service team, but a developing passion and skill working in-depth with clients on their issues led to him becoming a consultant just a year later. Today, Bryce is a senior consultant with our document management team. He enjoys the challenges every new project presents. His background working with all of our teams perfectly positions Bryce to leverage Affinity’s collective knowledge to ensure all of a clients’ technology systems work together in the best possible way – even if their function is outside of Bryce’s specialization. Bryce also provides product support for Legal Anywhere, Symphony Suite and Copernic Desktop Search.

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