New Law Firm Software: Introducing ndClick

Introducing ndClick for NetDocuments

Recently, NetDocuments introduced ndClick – a new way to experience NetDocuments in your web browser. This new desktop app provides a seamless way to download and upload items in the browser.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with ndOffice, documents are automatically handled by ndOffice when opened from the web browser (such as a link in an email).

ndClick can be used in any modern browser – on Windows or Mac.

It is easier to install, configure, and manage administratively than previous browser add-ins.

As it matures, more functionality will be incorporated into ndClick. It will eventually supersede the ActiveX add-in for Internet Explorer, as well as ndOneClick (used in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge) as those products are being phased out. While ndClick does not currently include all functionality available in ActiveX, it offers a more modern and secure method of integration.

For those currently using ActiveX or ndOneClick we encourage you to make the transition to ndClick soon. Please contact us to assist you.

To learn more about ndClick, click hereIf you'd like additional help with your NetDocuments experience, just let us know. You can always reach us at or request a consultation. 

Russell Duncan

Written by Russell Duncan

Russell Duncan is one of Affinity’s Document Management Magicians! Russell came to Affinity after spending several years with Partner NetDocuments wearing many hats over his years there. Affinity clients gain from Russell’s immense experience working with document management solutions and problem-solving skills. He loves to help people get the most out of their technology and to learn new things. When analyzing complex systems, Russell is gifted in his ability to simplify them for others’ ease of use and understanding.

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