Draft Complex Documents Like a Pro

What’s Wrong With the Status Quo?  Unfortunately, most legal documents are drafted using an approach that involves a high margin for error.  Specifically, lawyers simply find an existing document they previously created for a similar client or purpose, save it as a new file name, and start making changes to it.  This approach is unquestionably better than starting from a blank page, but it suffers from significant drawbacks. 

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Worldox Announces Update WDU14 at ILTACON 2018

Newly announced at ILTACON2018 is the latest release from the makers of Worldox, World Software Corporation.

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How to Hide Groupings in worldox

One of the overarching themes in Worldox GX4 has been freedom of customization. We often hear users say, when sorting ...

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Share Your Word Templates

This month’s theme is Document Automation (DA). Much can be accomplished simply by effectively using Word templates. ...

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Get Your Electronic Case File in Order! … in Chronological Order!!

I’ve had the privilege to perform many technology and paperless process audits over the last 20 years.  When I see ...

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Technology Corner for the Mortgage Banking World

Integration, sequencing and searching - oh my! Check out a few Tech Tips to immediately impact your effectiveness and ...

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Simplify Bookkeeping with YourBooks

As solo and small firm law office owners, often the tasks that are most critical to continued business operation find ...

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