Actionstep new instant support chat feature

Actionstep Support Chat

With a new year approaching, Affinity Consulting is excited to announce new updates from one of its partners, Actionstep, that took place throughout November.

New updates in the Actionstep platform include instant support chat assistance to its users, an updated banking screen, and product tours of multiple existing and new features.

Instant Support Chat

Actionstep's new instant support chat feature is designed to minimize waiting times on questions that users might encounter when using the platform. Members can now get immediate support and answers to common questions within seconds.

When users get in touch with the support team, there is no waiting on hold. The support staff can also access essential details on the users' accounts to help them their problems. Furthermore, the support team can also provide users with useful information and helpful links that help them better understand the product. 

Additional Support with New Product Tours

Most of Actionstep's features now have product tours. These instructional pop-ups help users better understand each function, including setting up and navigation. Each new available feature that becomes part of the Actionstep platform will include a product tour to help users understand how they work. 

If you have any questions about this great new feature and would like to know more about Actionstep's most recent update, you can visit Actionstep's update guide for more information. 

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Cindy Melfa

Written by Cindy Melfa

Cindy is a Partner with Affinity and an expert in legal billing software. She helps clients solve the sometimes-challenging demands of working in law firm accounting. Cindy loves working hands-on with clients in all aspects of selecting, implementing and maintaining accounting systems and navigating the world of bookkeeping and financial management. Cindy is also an excellent trainer certified in many of the products supported by Affinity.

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