Actionstep Release Integrates LawPay

Actionstep announced a new release that seamlessly integrates their Legal Practice Management Solution with LawPay.

LawPay is a payment solution that ensures law firms get paid faster and more securely. As the preferred payment solution provider for lawyers in America, Actionstep is pleased to be able to provide law firms with robust billing and payments tools, enabling them to handle all front and back office responsibilities in one system. Plus payments are automatically recorded in the system which cuts down manual data entry, as well

"What a great integration!" commented Affinity Partner Cindy Melfa. "It's the perfect example of two great solutions partnering together to create an exceptional tool that will equip legal professionals with the best solutions in one package to delight their clients."

Actionstep is a complete legal practice management system, built in the cloud, with workflow at its heart. Actionstep gets rid of law firm "administrivia" and simplifies how legal professionals work. Learn more about using Actionstep's LawPay integration by clicking here.

If you have any questions about Actionstep, LawPay or their integration, contact the experts at Affinity by calling 877-676-5492, or request a consultation. We're happy to help!


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