Docs on the Rocks: Saved Searches in NetDocuments (Podcast Notes)

On this episode of Docs on the Rocks, guest-host Drew Tompkins joins the pod with a new podcast segment in which he introduces Michelle Willette, fellow DMS Consultant with Affinity Consulting, to a new, aptly named segment; "Meet the Consultant." Then Michelle and Drew have a conversation about a powerful, yet underused aspect of NetDocuments: saved searches. Join them in a stimulating and fun discussion of how to create and use Saved Searches in NetDocuments.

As we kick off Season 2 of Docs on the Rocks, we are introduced to guest host Drew Tompkins, of Affinity consulting. Drew gives a bit of his background and welcomes listeners to this new season of the internet's favorite, drinks-based forum on Electronic Document Management. Next we intro a new segment called "Meet the Consultant" with Affinity Consultant Michelle Willette in the pole position to be quizzed on her work with Affinity, DMS and other intriguing questions regarding herself. With the inquiry finished, our hosts move into the juicy bits of this episode by exploring Saved Searches in NetDocuments.

Drew and Michelle start out introducing the audience to the concept of saved searches and how they function in NetDocuments. Next, our hosts dive into recounting various useful examples from their history of NetDocuments implementations, which leads directly into discussion of integrating NetDocuments saved searches into Workflows to enhance firm productivity and as a potent tool to streamline internal collaboration processes. This follows on to an investigation of the flexibility of Saved Searches to create multiple dynamic listings based on a wide range of easily manipulated search criteria.

In order to set listeners on the right path with this new Saved Search knowledge, our hosts give some quick tips on creation, care and feeding of Saved Searches in NetDocuments, before providing listeners with information on where to find Affinity's resources for Saved Search info and how to reach out to us if you want to discuss more about Saved Searches or DMS in general.

Episode Notes

0:00-2:03 -- Intro and Theme
02:03-09:11 -- Meet the Consultant
09:26-10:34 -- Saved Searches in NetDocuments - Drew and Michelle Go in depth
10:35-12:10 -- What's a Saved Search?
12:15-16:25 -- Example of Search Criteria - Scenarios in practice
16:30-17:55 -- Using Saved Searches to enhance Workflows in NetDocuments
18:00-19:49 -- Efficient Internal Collaboration with Saved Searches
19:50-22:45 -- Flexibility in Saved Searches
22:45-24:40 -- Saved Searches the easy way in NetDocuments
24:41-26:51 -- Finding more info on creating Saved Searches and Signoff
26:51-27:32 -- Outro

Drew Tompkins

Written by Drew Tompkins

Drew joins the Affinity Document Management Team with loads of experience in the technologies that law firms use most. He actually began his career with Affinity Consulting in 2003 as a consultant working with a variety of systems from PCLaw to Amicus Attorney and Worldox, as well as managing our Client Services Team. Upon leaving Affinity, Drew joined the IT Department of Marquette University, managing their computer replacement program. He is thrilled to be back! Drew’s favorite part about returning to Affinity and document management is his chance to rejoin the Affinity family and work with all of the great Affinity team members and clients.

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