Moneyball for Legal Professionals - Game Changer!


Law firms, like any business, can benefit from keeping score.  However, many businesses don’t keep even the simplest scoreboard.  Some that do only check the final score when the game is over – Year-End Net Profit, for example.  If you want to improve the final score, you need to dig into the details.

This month’s educational webinar is Moneyball for Legal Professionals – Game Changer. Moneyball for Legal Professionals is based on the book Moneyball, The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis. What can law firms learn from Moneyball and sports statisticians?

Your players are your attorneys and staff. You expect a certain performance level from them. Are they consistently reaching that level? If not, are you helping them have fewer losing streaks and improve their lifetime average?

Like a sports team, your law firm needs a balanced offense. How do you strike a balance between getting more work (finding new clients) while at the same time getting the work done? Many firms focus on one or the other then scramble to change direction as the need arises.
You are probably keeping count of how many new clients you generate. Is that enough? Where did the clients originate? How much revenue and profit did they generate? On average, how much revenue or profit does a client acquired from a specific source generate? How does that compare to other sources?

Join us on September 12th @ 1 PM EDT for Moneyball for Legal Professionals, a FREE 45-minute webinar where we will explore how you can use data to build your practice. We will take a fresh look at the traditional and non-traditional numbers that reveal the health of your firm. You will learn where to find these numbers and how to make sense of them.

If you have questions about how to use Moneyball techniques to improve your firm's profitability, call us at 877-676-5492 or request a consultation. We are happy to help.  


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Jeff Krause

Written by Jeff Krause

Jeff is a Partner with Affinity. Jeff’s expertise ranges from case management, document management to billing and accounting. His career in legal technology has focused on not just helping other attorneys choose the right technology and use it the right way; but also, understanding how to apply it to their daily jobs in the context of their current work process and master business concepts that they can apply to their practice and achieve greater success. Jeff is a frequent author and speaker on a variety of legal technology subjects.

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