Partner Roundtable - Reflecting and Looking Forward


What We've Seen, Where The Industry is Now, And Our Outlook for 2019

This month marks the end of Affinity's 20th year. In that short time, much has changed in technology and the practice of law. It has been a wild ride with lots of twists and turns. Despite the ups and downs, we have a lot to be thankful for, including our new newsletter and website format.

As many of you know, Affinity started with a heavy focus on software/technology implementations. We spent our time implementing Practice Management, Document Management, Document Automation and Time/Billing/Accounting software programs. As time passed, we started working with products in the areas of Speech Solutions, Reporting, Conversions and many other areas. But we are not done yet.

As Affinity has grown and evolved, so has the industry. Law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies are looking for more than a technology solution. They are seeking expert advice and guidance on how to navigate everything that goes into running a successful firm or department. Often this means leveraging technology. But it also means examining people and process and generally, things that you think should be easier, faster, less cumbersome.

We remain your go to partner for software selection and implementation. But we differentiate ourselves in the consulting world by possessing the skills to dig deeper into issues our clients are facing, and helping our clients achieve their goals. Not everyone is comfortable pushing boundaries, but we are - because we have seen the amazing impact it makes on our clients lives.

On Thursday, December 13, at 1 PM EST, we are gathering Affinity's Partners together for a FREE 45-minute online discussion reflecting on changes over the last 20 years, the current state of the industry, and our outlook for 2019. Don't miss this opportunity to get the latest information and ask your law office technology and management questions. Register Now!

Help shape the discussion by selecting your favorite question to be answered by each of the Affinity Partners during the roundtable discussion.  

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