It's AU - but it's NEW!

This year, we have some great enhancements coming to Affinity University (AU).  Our goal has always been to provide simple, cost effective, relevant training on the programs we KNOW are in use everyday at your law firms and legal departments.

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Best January Blogs

Assign Shortcut Keys to Commonly Used Symbols in MS Word

What’s New in the ndOffice 2.4 Update

Searching NetDocuments Profile Values for "Anything" or "Nothing"

Take 5-minutes to Maximize Your Day (Video)

Congratulations from Tabs3/PracticeMaster!

Don't derail your day! (Video)

Outsourced Bookkeeping - Is Your Firm a Candidate?

Backing Up Worldox

Worldox GX4 Update 14

Results of our Annual Webinar Survey

Is the Subscription Based Law Firm Model Ethical?

New MS Office app rolling out

NetDocuments Advanced Search Sort Options

Real-Time Filtering of Search Results in NetDocuments

Status Update on Worldox's Next Release - WDU 14 & Worldox Web 3.0

Real-Time Filtering of Search Results in Worldox

Partner Roundtable - Reflecting and Looking Forward

New ndMail Tips and tricks

Defend Your Castle! Federated Identity for Better Security

Worldox Quick Profiles

MS Office 2019 Released –              Worldox is Ready. Are You?

Is it time for law firms to move to a subscription model?

Revolutionize Your Email with ndMail

Micromanage the Client Experience

Congratulations, Barron K. Henley - our newest College of Law Practice Management Fellow

The Importance of Daily Planning

NetDocuments 18.3 Update Enhances the User Experience

Compare Docs with NetDocuments

Compare Docs with Worldox

Worldox Categories Organize Your Documents

(Don't) Manually Update to Windows 10 Version 1809

Prepare for 2019 Now!

Mindful Leadership - Tips for Transformation

NetDocuments and External Users

ndCompare for Easier Document Comparison

Worldox Announces Update WDU14 at ILTACON 2018

How to Hide Groupings in worldox

Draft Complex Documents Like a Pro

BigHand Create for Template Management and Document Automation

Share Your Word Templates

Mindful Leadership - Who benefits and how?

Get Your Electronic Case File in Order! … in Chronological Order!!

Technology Corner for the Mortgage Banking World

Simplify Bookkeeping with YourBooks

Office 365 Tip of the Month for August 2018 - Switch to Monthly Updates

Leading Your Firm in Challenging Times

Wait to Upgrade to PCLaw Versions 15 or 16

TheFormTool, Affinity Consulting Group Announce Partnership

Mindful Leaders. Really?

Mindful Leaders are made, not born.

Bitlocker Drive Encryption -  read this!

Avoiding Shipwrecks! #ALAConf18

forget about your to-do list! Here's your not-to-do list for optimal productivity

I can't even imagine.....

Do You AU?

Worldox Expands Globally

PCLaw Version 14.2 Available in Canada

Backups and Worldox

NetDocs Gmail Integration

President’s Circle Members Announced for 2018

Actionstep Announces New Release – Actionstep Mobile App!

Congratulations, Worldox! ILTA 2017 Technology Survey Results

Annual Client Appreciation Month Set for February

Inserting NetDocs Hyperlinks into Documents

Worldox Two Factor Authentication

Affinity University 2.0

20 Years and Counting...

Are You Trustworthy?! 7 Tips to End Your Trust Accounting Year Right!

Feature Article for December 2017 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…Why is it SO HARD?

2017 Tech Gift Suggestions

To Salvage and When to Salvage, that is the question!

9 Tips to Avoid a Scary Year-End!

The World of Data Has Become Cloudy

Feature Article for November 2017 - Your Office, Don't Leave Home Without It

Congratulations to our College of Law Practice Management Fellow

NetDocuments Office Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook

Adding Your Case List to the NetDocuments Home Screen for Quick Access

Easy Searching or Filtering of your Current List

The Link between Music and Productivity - An Infographic

Guest Blog Post - Introducing inMailX for Worldox

Feature Article for October 2017 - End (of Year) is Near!

Scheduling a Salvage Bin Purge in Worldox

Greater Chicago ALA

Raleigh Durham ALA

2017 SCBAR Law Practice Management & Tech Conference

Feature Article for September 2017 - Cloudy with a Chance of SaaS

Creating Outloook Rules for Worldox Drop Folders

Consolidated Activity Logs in NetDocuments

Feature Article for August 2017 - Make Clients into Raving Fans

Guest Post: What’s Killing Efficiency in Your Law Firm?

What I learned at ALA’s CLI….

Retention Policies in NetDocuments

Turn Your Windows 10 Computer into a Wireless Display

Feature Article for July 2017 - Sanity Software

The many great new features in the New Version of ndOffice

Auto Saving Emails in Worldox

Sample - How To Post

Lean Six Sigma at Your Firm: Transportation

Lean Six Sigma at Your Firm: Non-Utilized Talent

Link Tasks and Appointments to Documents in NetDocuments

Feature Article for June 2017 - Time, Billing & Accounting Health Check

Word Tip for June 2017 - How to Change the Appearance of Hyperlinks in Word

How Low Can You Go? - My First Weeks With a Low-End Windows Tablet

How Affinity Partner Barron Henley Works - Featured on Lawyerist

Clarifying Worldox Indexer as a Service

Worldox System Health Check

Thought Leadership Webinar Series: 5 Clues Why Social Media Evidence is Hot and Here to Stay

Thought Leadership Webinar Series: 5 Ways That E-Discovery Will Punch You (And Your Client) In The Face

Worldox Indexer As A Service Coming This Month!

Return of the Description Drop-down Menu when Saving in Worldox GX4!

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks – Read Mode

Google Docs Phishing Scam

Microsoft Word Tip: Split Your Screen

Guest Blog Post - DMS Security: Five ways trusted cloud platforms safeguard client data

Feature Article for May 2017 - Furiously Faster (and Better) Legal Documents

Who in your firm is not using your NetDocuments?

Affinity Consulting Group Sweeps Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Reseller Awards with four wins

Time to panic yet? Top Five Cybersecurity Tips from the Pros

Worldox Tip: Search Current List

Worldox Connect

Affinity Partner Steve Best Co-Hosts ABA TECHSHOW 2017 Video Series

Feature Article for April 2017 - Moneyball for Lawyers

Thought Leadership Webinar Series: 5 Lessons for Lawyers to Live a Happier Life

NetDocuments Tip: Searching for documents across all Matters and saving it to your Home Page

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint - Easily Capture Screenshots

NetDocuments Acquisition News

Microsoft PowerPoint Tips and Tricks: Crop images into custom shapes

How to See in Outlook if an Email has been Saved in Worldox

Client portals: Meeting your ethical obligations

Micsosoft Word Tip of the Month - Replace Special Characters

Feature Article for March 2017 - Protecting Client Data in a Digital World

Barron Henley Selected for TBD Law, a Private Group of the Most Innovative and Future-Oriented Small Firm Lawyers in the World

NetDocuments SOC2+ Certification

Emailing documents from NetDocuments using the new Personal Address Book

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel - Delete Duplicates

Green Light! Go now for Worldox and Microsoft Office 2016

Worldox and Office 365

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – Display Formulas

Thought Leadership Webinar Series: 5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hosting Partner

Feature Article for February 2017 - Staying Paperless with an iPad

Using NetDocuments on a Mac – ndOneClick

The NetDocuments Home Page

Affinity Consulting Group named to Software Technology, Inc. 2017 President's Circle

6 Steps to Improve Your Intake and Lead Conversion Rate

How to Fix the Most Common Social Media Mistakes Lawyers Make

Adding your signature to emails generated by Worldox

Worldox Instructional Videos Now Available!

Tame the Digital Chaos Webinar Series

Word Problems? - We've Got You Covered With Two New Services

Feature Article for January 2017 - 10 Time Billing & Accounting Tips

2016 Year in Review - Top Webinars

2016 Year in Review - Top Blog Articles

Year-End Client and Matter Clean Up in NetDocuments

NetDocuments: ND Office 2.0 and the EMS Profiler add-in for Outlook

MAC Mondays coming soon!

Cleaning Up Your Worldox Cabinets... End of the Year Clean-up

New Year Worldox Health Check

End of Year Archiving in Worldox

Microsoft Word Tip of the Month - Click Mania!

The New Affinity University - On Demand. One Price.

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel - AutoFill

Holiday 2016 Tech Gift Guide

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word - Create a Horizontal Line

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint - Instantly start the Slide Show

Emailing Documents into NetDocuments

Securing a document in NetDocuments

Microsoft PowerPoint Tips and Tricks - Export to Video

Worldox Complete Care

Lean Six Sigma for Legal Professionals Workshops

HTML Tips and Tricks: Add a Call Now link to your Website

The Training Conundrum

Amicus Attorney PE issues with Windows 10

Feature Article for November 2016 - Tame the Digital Chaos

Word Tip for November 2016 - Use OneDrive to Share Word Documents

Tech for Which We Are Thankful - 2016 Edition

NetDocuments PDF Viewing

Basic Security Levels in NetDocuments

"Just for the Health of It" Initiative

Cell Phone Security for Lawyers

Worldox Tips: Text Searching in Worldox


Affinity Consulting featured on the NetDocuments Certified Partner Highlight Video Series

Worldox Tips: Archiving in Worldox

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word - Change CAPS Text

Busting the Myth - Cloud doesn’t mean Cheap

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word - Add a Watermark

A Step By Step Guide To Set Up Your Adwords Campaign

Gut Check your Conflict Check

The New NetDocuments Newsletter from Affinity Consulting Group

Twitter loosens its 140-character limit

TBA Health Check

Feature Article for October 2016 - Prepare for the (Year) End

The Virtual Law Office

Office 365 levels the playing field

Affinity Consulting Group Client, Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency!

A Commitment to Start and Keep All Year Long

Worldox Tip: Worldox Email Drop Folders in Outlook

Showing Appreciation Can Be Quite Simple


ALA Regional Conferences

Is the Cloud Safe?

What’s Next for Amicus Attorney?

Client Appreciation Month is here!

Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Outlook - Calendar List View

Feature Article for September 2016 - Firm Fitness: Driving Profitability for Your Firm

Meet the Team - Amy Reardon

Need Help Understanding the Changes at Amicus Attorney?

Feature Article for August 2016 - You Can't Live Without Document Management

GETTING READY TO GO PAPERLESS - 5 Steps Toward Paperless Success

Meet the Team - Alex Palzewicz

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ending VERY Soon

Dear Clients - Our "State of Affinity"

MS Word Tip for August 2016 - Creating a Basic Outline

Meet the Team - Jeffrey S. Krause

Feature Article for July 2016 - Get Things Done! Building Effective and Accountable Teams

MS Word Tip of the Month for July 2016 - The Section Symbol

Android Apps Come to Chromebook - And It Works!

New Malicious Email Campaign Targets Lawyers

It Happened Last Night!

Wannabe Podcasters Get Easier Path Online

Worldox GX4 "New Feature" Training Video Now Available

Amicus Attorney acquired by Abacus Data Systems, Inc

Dropbox Infinite Sparks Concerns About Deeper Access to Your Computer

Tabs3 Recognized as the Most Innovative Time and Billing Software

Affinity Earns Tabs3/PracticeMaster Honors for 2015

MS Word Tip of the Month for June 2016 - Tab Leaders

Road Warriors Rejoice! - Best Tech Tips

Let's Make Law Great Again!

Why Chromebooks Running Android Apps is Important to Lawyers

BREACH PREPARATION - Planning for When Your Law Firm Suffers a Data Breach

NETWORK SECURITY - Protect Yourself from Bad Password Policies

RANSOMWARE - What It Is & 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

Office Bootcamp 2016

Meet the Team - Adam Ringel

MS Word 2016 Tip of the Month for May 2016 - Restrict Editing

Feature Article for May 2016 - Top 10 Reasons to Call AGC Support

Where in the World is Debbie Foster...NOW?!

Should Law Firms Go Virtual-ization?

Here's Why iPad Sales Have Slowed

What To Do If Your Wi-Fi Doesn't Reach Far Enough

What to Buy If You Can Buy Only One Thing

Monitor Web Page Changes Automatically

Guest Article - Leads, Leadership, and Leverage (Part 2)

Affinity Offers Word Related Services

Meet the Team - Kathy Powell

Word 2016 Tip of the Month for April 2016 - Real Time Collaboration Using OneDrive

Tabs3 Version 18.1 Introduced

Guest Article - Leads, Leadership, and Leverage, Part 1

The Worst Meeting You Can Have

Feature Article for April 2016 - Retreat to Advance Your Law Firm

Word Tip of the Month for March 2016 - Number All Pages Except the First

Meet the Team - Jose Sepulveda

Security Corner for March 2016 - Use 2-Factor Authentication to Protect Your Online Accounts

Five Cool Tech Tips from the Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2016

Feature Article for March 2016 - 7 Tips for Trustworthy Trust Accounting

Beyond Outlook - Orion Practice Management

Affinity Announces "Beyond the 3Cs" Webinar Series

Meet the Team - Danielle DavisRoe

Guest Article for February 2016 - How to Build a Referral-Based Law Firm (Part 2)

Guest Article for February 2016 - How to Build a Referral-Based Law Firm (Part 2)

MS Word Tip of the Month for February 2016 - Always Click the More Button

Feature Article for February 2016 - Drafting Legal Documents -- Why Traditional Methods Are Inadequate and What To Do About it

ABA TECHSHOW Celebrates Thirty Years

Where in the World is Debbie Foster? Check Your Local ALA!

Affinity Consulting Proud Member of 2016 President's Circle

ISBA Practice HQ with Affinity


Hampton Roads ALA 2017

Alaska ALA 2017

Wisconsin ALA

Boston ALA


Central Florida Family Law Inn

St. Petersburg Bar Association

Southwest Florida ALA

Nebraska College of Law

Illinois State Bar Association Lean Six Sigma Resources

New York State Bar Association CLE Program

Oregon State Bar Solo & Small Firm Conference

Capital Chapter ALA Meeting

Houston ALA Meeting

Sarasota-Manatee ALA Tech CLE

2017 Management Symposium Page

Alabama Bar Association Seminar

Palm Beach County ALA

Rainmaker Retreat

NOLA ALA Meeting

Mile High ALA Meeting

Feature Article for January 2016 - Out with the Old, In with the New: 7 Hottest Tech Topics for Law Firms

Meet the Team - Barb Schucker

Guest Article for January 2016 - How to Build a Referral-Based Law Firm (Part 1)

MS Word Tip of the Month for January 2016 - Fix Track Changes Settings

The Lawyer's Dilemma - Computer or Tablet?

Improve Handwriting Recognition on Surface in Windows 10

Add a USB Charging Port to Any Wall Outlet

3 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Introducing Dropbox Enterprise

Meet the Team - Bryce Phillips

MacCorner for November 2015 - Thankful for Things "Macful"

Microsoft Surface Book - The Ultimate Lawyer's Laptop?

Meet the Team - Michelle Motyka

LegalAnywhere Announces Affordable Extranet and Intranet Products

Feature Article for November 2015 - Tech For Which We Give Thanks

MS Word Tip for November 2015 - Never Push a Title to the Next Page with Hard Returns

Chromebook Tip: Create Apps from Web Pages

Amazon Prime's Hidden Gems - More Than Just Two-Day Free Delivery

Chrome Browser on iOS Supports Split View

Cell Phone Chargers Are Not Energy Vampires - You Can Leave Them Plugged In All The Time

HotDocs 11.1.5 Released

Install Office 2013 From Your Office 365 Subscription

Amicus Attorney Premium Edition Users - Hold Off Upgrading to Office 2016

2015 ALA IP Conference

Sarasota Manatee ALA Chapter Lunch & Learn

MacCorner for October 2015 - Upgrade Season

Meet the Team - Chris Martz

MS Word Tip for October 2015 - Non-Breaking Spaces and Hyphens

The New iPad Pro - The Attorney's iPad?

iPad vs Chromebook?

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Packing a Business Suit

Cool Travel Tip to Avoid Leaving Your Phone Charger in Your Hotel Room

Free Office 2016 Quick Start Guides from Microsoft

New Cloud Option for Creating and Editing Documents

BigHand 30-Day Challenge

Alaska ALA Meeting

Alaska Training


Alaska State Bar Meeting

Visit Our FREE Webinar Archive

Tips to Use Outlook to Manage Workflow

"Hey Cortana, Use Google Instead of Bing"

Ransomware Viruses Require Review of Backup Settings for Tabs3/PracticeMaster Users

Meet the Team - Jessica Keeler

Less Paper Today Benefits Your Firm Multiple Times Over in the Digital Future

MacCorner for September 2015 - Making Mail Better

MS Word Tip of the Month for September 2015 - Use AutoRecover for Peace of Mind

Upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual at a Discount Until September 30

Laptop or Desktop?

Atticus Practice Builder Workshop - Oct 16-17 in Orlando

Word Tip for August 2015 - Use Narrator to Have Word Read Documents to You

Speech Solutions - Don't Overlook Digital Dictation

Meet the Team - Wray Withers

MacCorner for August 2015 - Paperless Mac

Is Your Firm's Accounting System Ready for Chip and Pin Technology?

Focused Writing? - Go Retro!

Incredibly Stupid

MS Office for iPad and iPhone Gets Even Better

New Wi-Fi Finder App for Android Phones and Tablets

Use Your Laptop as an Extra Screen for Your Desktop PC

Is that a Bluetooth keyboard in your pocket, or are you ...?

Protect Your Home While Vacationing This Summer with a Web Cam or Old Phone

Dirt Cheap, Highly Secure, Travel Laptop Now Only $110

Consensus on Best Business Laptop?

Client Portals Enhance Communication

MacCorner for July 2015 - Traveling with Apple

New Word Online Features Will Benefit Lawyers

Avoid a Communication Breakdown

Feature Article for July 2015 - Eyes Wide Open (What You Need to Know About Starting Your Own Firm)

New Firm Launch

Traveling with Tech 2015 - A Personal View

MS Office for Android Now Open to All

Online Payments?

Don't Fear Windows 10

What Uber Can Teach Lawyers About The "Complete Experience"

Cheapest Travel Laptop - $120 Refurbished Chromebook

Outlook Gets Another Vote as Top iPhone Email App

Chromebooks Now Play Nice With Windows Networks

iPhone or iPad Out of Space?

Use "Undo Send" in Gmail to Stop Inappropriate Emails from Going Out

How to Save On Your Cell Bill

CACs and LTVs - Huh?

Feature Article for June 2015 - Clio and NetDocuments Integration

MacCorner for June 2015 - Macs in a Windows World

Bahamian Legal Technology Conference

PracticeMaster Bootcamp 2016

Tabs3 Bootcamp 2016

Tabs3/PracticeMaster Bootcamps 2015

The Best Smart Watch (For only $79.99)?

Barron Henley Talks Word Styles at ABA TECHSHOW 2015

MacCorner for May 2015 - Spring Cleaning Your Mac

Worldox Tip of the Month for May 2015 - Stay Paperless with Receipts on the Road

Britt Lorish Talks Law Firm Efficiency at ABA TECHSHOW 2015

PCLaw Version 14.1 Released - Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

Feature Article for May 2015 - YourExecutive


2017 Virtual Management Symposium

Hiring Account Manager

3rd Annual Management Symposium

2017 Management Symposium

Hiring Client Service Wizard

Affinity HotDocs Academy

2016 Annual Administrator Bootcamp

Thank you for Attending! 2nd Annual Management Symposium

5th Annual CaseAware® Bootcamp


A New Ultrabook King? - The HP Spectre x360

Best Book and Bassett Article Published by ABA

pagebreak test

Worldox Newsletter Archive

Affinity Consulting Group Webinars

Affinity University

Run Android on Your Windows Tablet - Or Android Apps in Chrome on Your PC or Mac


Cheap (But Very Secure) Chromebook Gets Even Cheaper

April Newsletter Correction - Bootcamp Dates

MacCorner for April 2015 - Office for Mac 2016 Preview

Feature Article for April 2015 - YourBusiness - Finding and FIXING Root Cause Issues for the Long Term

Using Windows 8.1 File History for Backup

Time to Upgrade Your Router? Think Beyond the Big Names

MS Word Tip of the Month for April 2015 - The Importance of Mastering Word


PCLaw Advanced Workshop

Amicus/PCLaw Bootcamp 2016

PCLaw 2 Day Bootcamps 2016

2016 Worldox Bootcamp

PCLaw 2 Day Bootcamps 2015

Speaking Event Template

Britt Lorish Talks About Dictation Solutions for Lawyers on The Digital Edge Podcast

Removing Crapware from a Windows PC

Feature Article for March 2015 - A Look at Outlook for iOS

Are You Cross (Platform, that is)?

Fancy Tech Aside, You Still Need a Desk Lamp

What is a Kensington Lock and Why Aren't You Using One?

Best Ways to Scan Documents with Your Phone

Don't Let Your Punctuation Get Punky

Is the Microsoft Store the Only Safe Place to Buy a Retail Windows PC?

Microsoft's Valentines Gift - Improved Office Online

Crap Happens! - How to Restore a Previous Version of Any File

Cloud Storage Prices Fall for Attorney-Focused SpiderOak

Touch-Enabled Microsoft Office Finally Coming to Windows Tablets and Phones

MacCorner for February 2015 - Mac Bloggers to Appreciate

February is Client Appreciation Month

MS Word Tip of the Month for February 2015 - Use the Keyboard to Change Case

Atticus Workshop Teaches Lawyers How to Double Revenue Without Doubling Overhead

Customer Apprecation Month

The Human Factor is Key to Your Firm's Data Security

Android Phone Becomes Speech to Text Device When Paired with Google Docs

Control Your Computer Remotely from Your iPad with Chrome Remote Desktop

Affinity Partner Paul Unger Featured on Debut Legal Productivity Podcast

To Our Clients, A Letter of Appreciation

Step Away From That Inbox!

An Important New Book on Law Practice Management

Introducing Affinity Consulting Group's Client Services Team

Start the New Year Successfully - Resolutions for 2015

MacCorner for January 2015 - Resolved to be More Efficient with Your Mac

Is Your FIrm's Network More Secure than Sony's?

Chromebook or Cheap Windows 8.1 Laptop?

Lessons for Law Firms from the Sony Hacking Scandal

Don't Close That App!

OSBA Legal Technology & Practice Management Conference

HP's Take on Cheap Windows Laptops

The Great $99 Windows Laptop Experiment Begins

What to Do About Full-Disk Encryption After the Demise of TrueCrypt

Affinity Tech Gift Guide - Holidays 2014

Affinity/ALA VIP Partnership Completes Successful 2014

Feature Article for December 2014: End of Year Tips & Tricks for Law Firms

MS Word Tip of the Month for December 2014 - Use WordRake with Word to Improve Your Writing

MacCorner for December 2014 - Tech Gifts for Your Apple Lovers

Use Credit Cards for Extended Warranties on Tech Items

Google Scholar Search Tips from the ABA

Expand Your iDevice Storage

Best iPad Litigation Apps Get Bundle Prices and Go on Sale

Tampa Bay Paralegal Association 2014 Annual Seminar

MacCorner for November 2014 - Productivity Improvements in iOS 8 and Yosemite

Why You Should Upgrade

Microsoft To Offer UNLIMITED OneDrive Storage to All Office 365 Subscribers

Cell Phone as Backup Internet Connection

Doing More With Less - BigHand and Affinity Partner To Improve Voice-Driven Productivity

MS Word Tip of the Month for November 2014 - Open and Edit PDFs in Word

Orion User Conference

Find Free Wi-Fi at National Chains - But Protect Yourself!

My iPad is Ringing!

Feature Article for October 2014 - PCLaw v14 Streamlines Invoicing

Sony Digital Paper Price Drops, Supports Box File Sync

Review - AOC Portable USB Monitor for Dual-Screen Productivity on the Road

MS Word Tip of the Month for October 2014 - Print Word Documents from Your iPad

PCLaw Tip - Billing Direct to PDF

Law Firm Financial Health Assessment

Use Google Drive to Scan and Store Documents

ALA Benefits with Affinity Consulting FOR EDITING

ALA Benefits with Affinity Consulting

TrialPad iPad App on Sale from August 21-24 Only!

Word Tip for September 2014 - Reply to Comments

Add OneDrive to Your Send To Menu in Windows

Improve MS Office on iPad PDF Export with IFTTT

Thanks for Attending the 5th Annual CaseAware Bootcamp!

4th Annual CaseAware Administrator Bootcamp

Tablet as Cell Phone?

Sony Digital Paper - First Road Trips

How to Encrypt Your Android Phone or Tablet

Support Ending for Tabs3/PracticeMaster v 15.1 and 15.2 on June 1, 2015

MS Word Tip of the Month for August 2014 - Use Readability Statistics to Evaluate Your Writing

PCLaw Tip - Emailing Bills

Securing Your Wireless Network

You Don't Need to Settle for the Wireless Router Provided by Your ISP

2014 ALFN

Office 365 Value Increases with New Plans and Increased OneDrive Storage

Suncoast ALA

Upload and link to a PDF

The Power to Travel - One Device to Charge All

Sony Digital Paper - First Impressions

Reading Legal Documents on Your Kindle Paperwhite

July 2014 MS Word Tip of the Month - Saving Your Documents to OneDrive

Feature Article for July 2014 - What Is Your Plan?

Refurbished HP 14 Chromebooks on Woot for Cheap

South Dakota State Bar Meeting

Alabama Bar - Tech Tuesday

Working With Affinity form

Tutorial - Position on page - divs

Tutorial-Type and Buttons

Turning a Windows Tablet Into A Full Desktop Computer

Surface Pro 3 - Did Microsoft Finally Get it Right?

Using Your Scanners with Worldox DMS

Sony Digital Paper - The Lawyer's E-Reader

Feature Article for June 2014 - Break Free From Paper

Word Tip for June 2014 - Using the Format Painter Tool

Meet Our Team

Team Directory

All Internet Explorer Users Should Patch Their Browsers - Now!

$100 Registration Discount for 2014 ALA Annual Conference

Affinity Sweeps Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Consultant Awards

Paul Unger's PowerPoint in One Hour for Lawyers Now Available for Purchase

Word Tip for May 2014 - Upgrade from Office/Word 2003

PowerPoint for iPad - Good Start, Needs Work

Productivity Tip - Use Noise to Be More Efficient

Feature Article for May 2014 - Meet Affinity Consulting Group and Our Valued Partners, Tabs3 and PracticeMaster

Need to Re-Install Windows, But Don't Have an Installation Disc? No Problem!

The Heartbleed Bug - Do I Need to Change My Passwords?

Washington DC ALA

Practice Management Client Care Program

Protect Yourself from the RTF MS Word Exploit

Microsoft Releases Office for iPad

MS Word Tip of the Month for April 2014 - Change Word's Default Settings

Drafting Legal Documents: Why Traditional Methods Fail and What To Do About It

Feature Article for March 2014 - Technology Audits for Your Law Firm

Review - HP Chromebook 14 for Lawyers

MS Word Tip of the Month for March 2014 - Templates!

End of Support for Windows XP Just Days Away

Microsoft (Finally) Promotes Office Online

Act Now to Secure Your iOS Device

February Sarasota Manatee ALA

"Spring Forward" to the Latest Software Versions

Review - Blue Snowflake External Microphone

MS Word 2007/2010/2013 Tip of the Month for February 2014 - How to Fix Word's Formatting Defaults

Feature Article for February 2014 - Meet Affinity Consulting Group . . . And Our Valued Partner, LawBase

Best Free Remote Access Option Now That LogMeIn Is No Longer Free?

Batch Reduction of File Size in Acrobat Pro - Save Space & Time

Make Your Fingers Smile with a Mechanical Keyboard

Got Mouse Shoulder?

Amicus Attorney Announces Version 2014

As XP Support Ends, So Does MS Security Essentials Protection for XP

Microsoft and GoDaddy Partner to Offer Office and Email to Small Businesses

Presentation Alternatives - Windows PC to Apple TV

MS Word 2013 Tips of the Month - January 2014

Presentation Matters - Feature Article for January 2014

Technology Toolbox

Process - OSBA Legal Technology Conference

ALA Region 6 Regional Conference

Presentation Matters

Paperless Office - Atlanta ALA

Tablet Market for Lawyers Heats Up

Feature Article for November 2013 - Tech for Which We Give Thanks

Avoiding Cryptolocker Disaster

Beware of New Ransomware Virus

HotDocs Training in Columbus

iOS 7 font is pretty, but is it hard to read? If so, change it.

Glenn, Feldmann, Darby, & Goodlatte

Automation Tools for Legal Drafting and Best Practices

2015 Worldox Bootcamps - Atlanta

Canadian Bar Association - Mid-Winter Conference

South Carolina Solo & Small Firm Conference

Roanoke Valley Paralegal Association

ALA Region 5 Regional Conference

New iPad Remote Access App Scores Touchdown

Tips & Tricks | Working With Fillable Forms in Adobe

Talking to Legal Professionals About Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Debunking the Myths About Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Case Study. How Speech Recognition Makes a Small Firm More Efficient

When it Comes to Technology, Know What You Own

Affinity Consulting Group Partners with Bellefield LLC to expand Lawyer Mobility Options

Fujitsu Releases New SnapScan

Copying Worldox email messages back to outlook

The MAC way to rescue stranded wordperfect documents

Transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 8 - Part 1

Transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 8 - Part 2

iPhone Dictation & Transcription

MacCorner for November 2013 - MILOfest

MacCorner for September 2013 - Fresh Apple Season is Upon Us

A Lawyer's 9-Point Plan for Trust Account Management

MacCorner for August 2013 - Meet Fellow Mac Lawyers

Ethical Issues in Cloud Computing

Organizing PowerPoint Slides and Your Thoughts Using "Sections"

Working with fillable forms in Adobe

The iPad Mini will be one of the hottest gifts this Christmas season

Sync Files Between Computers Without Storing Them in the Cloud

Adobe Acrobat



Do More with LeSS

Where the Rubber Hits the Road - Marketing Your Firm

Get the word out!

Be Ready for Any Business Scenario

Give your Leadership a Jump Start

iPad for Lawyers – How a toy became a tool for lawyers

Affinity Consulting named to 2013 President's Circle

As Seen in the Legal League Quarterly: Lawyer Be Nimble, Lawyer Be Quick

Standard Law Firm Operating Procedures

The Benefits and Perils of Promoting From Within

Which Would You Choose?

2013 ABA Techshow Coming April 4th - April 6th

Affinity Consulting Group Launches YourExecutive Law Firm Management Program

When Technology Meets Process

What's Possible With Affinity Consulting Group Grid Capabilities

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