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Assign Shortcut Keys to Commonly Used Symbols in MS Word

Legal writing is full of symbols. Inserting symbols using the Ribbon can take several mouse clicks. There is a faster ...

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Results of our Annual Webinar Survey

What a great year! Thanks to all of you who completed our annual Webinar Survey. Your input helps us select the topics ...

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Micromanage the Client Experience

Micromanage?!?!  What a horrible word. The connotation is negative. When we think about being micromanaged, we are ...

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Feature Article for December 2017 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…Why is it SO HARD?

Project Failure. It happens all too frequently in law firms. The projects that fail are in categories all over the map, ...

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2017 Tech Gift Suggestions

Finding tech-oriented gifts for lawyers and legal staff can be difficult. Needs and budgets vary. Here are a few ...

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The World of Data Has Become Cloudy

These days more and more law firms are seeking the cloud. With this growth into the sky, there is a complexity with the ...

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Feature Article for November 2017 - Your Office, Don't Leave Home Without It

Whether you need flexibility to travel for work or fun, have to figure out a way to get some work done from your kid’s ...

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Feature Article for October 2017 - End (of Year) is Near!

It’s that time again! Fourth quarter is upon us and year end will be here before we know it. For the accounting ...

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Feature Article for September 2017 - Cloudy with a Chance of SaaS

This month, we look at Cloud Computing for law firms. Also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing has ...

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